Solvent Dyes

Solvent dyes are soluble in organic solvents and widely used in color plastics,organic solvents,hydrocarbon fuels,waxes,lubricants,synthetic fibers,printing inks and coatings.

Heat resistance : 464-572 F, Lighfastness:6-7/7-8,Migration: 3-4/4-5,Tinting Strength: 100%+-3%

Product Color Index Number Similar Products TDS
Solvent Yellow 2G Solvent Yellow 2 Orient Oil Yellow GG
Solvent Yellow R Solvent Yellow 14 Fat Orange R 01(CLAR)
Solvent Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 16 Fat Yellow 3G(CLAR)
Solvent Yellow GS Solvent Yellow 28 Dayglo solvent Yellow 28 (DGCC)
Solvent Yellow 4G Solvent Yellow 33 Permalex Yellow 33 (STD)
Fluorecent Yellow R Solvent Yellow 43 Smoke Yellow Dense(HDC)
Solvent Yellow 5G Solvent Yellow 56 Permalex Yellow 56 (STD)
Solvent Yellow 3GN Solvent Yellow 93 Macrolex Yellow 3G (LANXESS)
Fluorescent Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 98 Hostasol Yellow 3G (DyStar)
Fluorecent Yellow 3R Solvent Yellow 114 Macrolex Yellow G (LANXESS)
Fluorecent Yellow FP Solvent Yellow 135 Alberta Yellow[W](DGCC)
Solvent Yelow 8GF Solvent Yellow 141 Waxoline Yellow GFW
Solvent Yelow 9GF Solvent Yellow 145 Oracet Yellow 8GF (BASF)
Transparent Yellow HG Solvent Yellow 157 Keyplast Lemon Yellow (KEY)
Fluorescent Yellow 10GF Solvent Yellow 160:1 Keystone Fluorescent Yellow 10GF
Transparent Yellow 5R Solvent Yellow 163 Waxoline Yellow 5RP FW (BASF)
Transparent Yellow R Solvent Yellow 176 Solvaperm Yellow G (HST)
Transparent Yellow 6G Solvent Yellow 179 Macrolex Yellow 6G (LANXESS)
Solvent Orange GDC Solvent Orange 2 Oil orange 204 (PSC)
Solvent Orange 2R Solvent Orange 7 Sudan Orange RR(BASF)
Transparent Orange 3G Solvent Orange 60 Macrolex Orange 3G (LANXESS)
Fluorescent Red GG Solvent Orange 63 Hostasol Red GG (DyStar)
Solvent Orange 2G Solvent Orange 86 Macrolex Orange GG(Dystar)
Transparent Orange R Solvent Orange 107 Macrolex Orange R (LANXESS)
Transparent Red G Solvent Red 1 Solvent Red BB (NIBIE)
Transparent Red H Solvent Red 23 Sudan Red BK[W] (BASF)
Transparent Red 2B Solvent Red 24 Sudan Red BB[W] (BASF)
Transparent Red B Solvent Red 25 Solvent Red B(NBIE)
Sudan Red 5B Solvent Red 27 Sudan Red 5B [W] (BASF)
Transparent Red 5B Solvent Red 52 Macrolex Red 5B (LANXESS)
Transparent Red GS Solvent Red 111 Macrolex Red G (BAY)
Transparent Red EG Solvent Red 135 Filester Red GA (BASF)
Fluorescent Red G Solvent Red 149 Keyplast Fluorescent Red G (KEY)
Transparent Red R Solvent Red 179 Macrolex Red E2G (LANXESS)
Transparent Red BS Solvent Red 195 Fastol Red 2B (CFT)
Transparent Red 6B Solvent Red 207 Keyplast Red M6B (KEY)
Fluorescent Red 5B Solvent Red 242 Fluorescent Pink 5B
Solvent Blue B Solvent Blue 35 Fat Blue 35 (HZDK)
Transparent Blue AP Solvent Blue 36 Aviation Oil Blue AP (PYL)
Transparent Blue RS Solvent Blue 45 Savinyl Blue RS
Solvent Blue GN Solvent Blue 63 Geres Blue GN (BAY)
Transparent Blue 2R Solvent Blue 68 Oracet Blue 2R
Transparent Blue GP Solvent Blue 78 Sumiplast Blue GP
Transparent Blue BO Solvent Blue 97 Macrolex Blue RR (LANXESS)
Transparent Blue E Solvent Blue 101 Keyplast Blue E (KEY)
Transparent Blue KP Solvent Blue 104 Keyplast Blue KP (KEY)
Transparent Blue 5R Solvent Blue 122 Filester Blue 2RA (BASF)
Transparent Green 5B Solvent Green 3 Macrolex Green 5B (LANXESS)
Fluorescent Green 7G Solvent Green 5 Macrolex Green 5B (LANXESS)
Transparent Green 6G Solvent Green 28 Macrolex Green G (LANXESS)
Transparent Violet B Solvent Violet 13 Macrolex Violet B (LANXESS)
Transparent Violet RR Solvent Violet 31 Kiwalon Polyester Violet 2RE
Transparent Violet 3R Solvent Violet 36 Macrolex Violet 3R (LANXESS)
Transparent Violet 5R Solvent Violet 59 Solvaperm Red Violet R (HST)
Solvent Black 4B Solvent Black 3 Polysolve Black 3 (PLSV)
Solvent Black SOT Solvent Black 5 Boton N 07 (PLSV)
Transparent Brown G Solvent Brown 5 Dayglo Solvent Brown 5 (DGCC)