About Us

Jetcolour Int'l Corp (JIC) is a US based company dedicated in supplying organic pigments,pigment dispersions,solvent dyes,metal complex dyes for coloring printing inks,plastic masterbatches,paints & coatings. JIC has its own pigment dispersing facilities and multiple OEM pigment factories in Asia.

With over 25 years' expertise in pigment production and processing, JIC produces a wide range of pigment dispersions and supplies a wide spectrum of organic pigments,solvent dyes,metal complex dyes to North American and South American markets.

Industries Served

JIC's products are widely used in coloring printing inks,plastics masterbatches,color concentrates,pigment dispersions,paints,coatings,wood stains,textile,leather products,fuels,lubricants,waxes,etc.

Printing Inks
Plastic Masterbatches & Color Concentrates
Paints & Coatings
Pigment Dispersions

Providing Color Industries With High Quality Products!

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